Intuitive Document Review and Production

Given the dizzying cost of outsourced review, many legal teams are bringing document review in-house to reduce costs and bolster security.

Outsourced document review is expensive

With outsourced document review costs hovering around $18,000 per gigabyte, legal teams are facing intense pressure to reduce expenses.

Sharing data with outside vendors is risky

For years, the American Bar Association has called out law firms for inferior security practices that put sensitive ediscovery data at risk.

Reduce document review costs with Digital Discovery Pro.

Reduce ediscovery costs by 50% - 90%

Legal teams using Digital Discovery Pro to review documents for routine matters report an average reduction of 50% – 90% in review costs.

Resolve routine litigation matters in less time

Avoid the information bottlenecks common with outsourcing and make better-informed, quicker decisions about how to proceed.


Maintain control of your data - and keep it safe

Protect your most sensitive data with Zapproved’s ironclad data security practices.

We have reduced the amount of data being sent to outside counsel by 50% to 75% with Digital Discovery Pro.

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