Manage Legal Holds with Ease

When litigation strikes, you need to act quickly to preserve data.

Manual legal holds are inefficient and risky

Relying on spreadsheets and read-email receipts is time-consuming and risky, even for the most diligent legal teams.

On-premises systems are tedious to use and maintain

Outdated legacy systems are notoriously difficult to operate and waste valuable internal IT time to maintain and support.

Legal Hold Pro is a smarter way to manage legal holds.

Streamline litigation response

Centralize all legal holds, questionnaires, preservation requests, and reports in one intuitive platform.


Increase custodian compliance rates

Make it easy for custodians to understand, accept, and comply with legal holds with one click from any device, including mobile.

Defensibly preserve data

Rest assured in your defensible legal hold process with comprehensive reporting and complete audit trail of all preservation activities.

Legal Hold Pro has dramatically reduced the time that I spend on the preservation process, while providing a higher degree of responsiveness and defensibility.

Ediscovery Director
F500 Hospitality Company

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