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Ediscovery 101

What is Document Review?

What Is Document Review?

Document review, the most expensive stage of ediscovery, uses teams of lawyers to determine what ESI is relevant, responsive, or privileged.

What is Ediscovery?

What is Ediscovery and Ediscovery Software?

Ediscovery and ediscovery software is an ever-evolving world, full of complexities and technical challenges.

What Is Bates Numbering?

What Is Bates Numbering?

Bates numbering assigns a unique sequential identifier — numeric or alphanumeric — to every page or file in a discovery production for easy reference.

What is Proportionality?

What Is Proportionality?

Proportionality limits the scope of discovery. FRCP 26 lists six factors to determine whether information is proportional to the needs of the case.