Respond to Information Requests with Minimal Disruption

Whether you’re responding to a subpoena, regulatory investigation, or public information request – you need the tools to act quickly.

Information requests are disruptive to business operations

Information requests can cause massive disruption and teams are often forced to bump other critical work in order to comply with the request.

Deadlines are short and the stakes are high

Failure to respond within the given timeline can lead to severe consequences, including fines, litigation, and reputational damage.

Respond quickly to information requests with Digital Discovery Pro.

Minimize business disruption

Quickly find and produce the relevant information, then save it in a data repository for potential future requests.


Protect sensitive company and employee data

Easily redact sensitive data and protect your most sensitive content with Zapproved’s ironclad data security practices.

Enjoy unrivaled customer support

Enjoying ongoing support from our Customer Success team and tap into our expansive community to connect with your ediscovery peers.

Having an automated process saves us hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee time and reduced risk.

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