Easily Process Your Data In-House with Digital Discovery Pro, powered by Nuix

Legal teams are under pressure to cut ediscovery costs at the same time data volumes are increasing. In-house processing instantly reduces outside spend.

Process hundreds of file types, including EnCase, FTK, and spanned EnCase files, and instantly reduce data volumes

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Outsourced data processing is expensive

With rapidly expanding data volumes and external processing fees that can reach $80 per gigabyte, processing costs can escalate quickly.

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Relying on vendor timelines is stressful

Outsourced processing simply takes longer, and waiting for the data puts a greater burden on the legal team to meet critical internal deadlines.

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Eliminate outsourced processing fees

Leverage the power of Nuix’s gold-standard engine to easily process data in-house using Digital Discovery Pro’s simple drag-and-drop ingestion portal.

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Instantly reduce data volumes

Upon ingestion, your data sets are automatically deduplicated and deNISTed.

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Faster processing, shorter timelines

Nuix’s parallel processing technology brings quick processing speeds to in-house teams and helps expedite projects.

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We were able to reduce the volume of data sent out in a recent case by 500 GB, saving over $30,000.
— Associate Corporate Counsel, Fortune 500 telecommunications company

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