A Better Way to Conduct Internal Investigations

Internal investigations require rapid and thorough responses, which can’t be achieved with a manual process or outsourced service provider.

Manual investigations are risky and take too long

Investigations must be quickly initiated and promptly completed. Manual investigations simply take too long and are prone to error.

Outsourced investigations are expensive

With outsourced fees that can reach $80 per gigabyte of data, the cost of an outsourced investigation can quickly become overwhelming.

Quickly conduct internal investigations with Digital Discovery Pro

Uncover the facts, faster

Quickly process data, then use intuitive search filters to uncover essential facts to make faster, more informed decisions about how to proceed.

Reduce risk with a defensible process

Reduce risk by equipping your team with tools to conduct internal investigations in an efficient and defensible manner.


Keep sensitive data private and secure

Protect your most sensitive data with Zapproved’s ironclad data security practices.

It used to take us one or two weeks to review all of our documents. Now it takes us an average of one to two days.

Corporate Counsel, F500 Energy Company

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