Get Rapid Insights with In-House Early Case Assessment

Early case assessment (ECA) gives you the power to quickly uncover crucial information and make informed decisions about case strategy.

Outsourced ECA is expensive and slow

It can take weeks for a service provider to upload, process, and analyze data. Combined with fees of up to $80 per gigabyte, outsourced ECA is simply too expensive and too slow.

Legacy processing systems can add weeks to ECA timelines

First generation application like Clearwell and IBM Atlas can take weeks to process data and are generally so complex that only a few internal resources can do the work, leading to additional bottlenecks.

Digital Discovery Pro accelerate ECA timelines

Make faster, more informed decisions

Quickly process data, then use intuitive search filters to uncover essential facts to make faster, more informed decisions about how to proceed.

Reduce the cost of ECA

Empower your team to manage the entire ECA process in-house, which can reduce your expenses by 90% or more.

Enjoy unrivaled customer support

Enjoying ongoing support from our Customer Success team and tap into our expansive community to connect with your ediscovery peers.

Data processing would have taken one to two weeks before. Now it takes just one to two days with Digital Discovery Pro.

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