Ediscovery Solutions for Corporate Legal Teams

Discover how ZDiscovery helps hundreds of corporate legal teams streamline ediscovery and litigation response processes.

Legal Holds

Without the right tools, legal hold management can overwhelm a corporate legal team.

In-Place Preservation

Get even more out of O365 and Google with our preservations integration.

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Data Processing

Legal teams are under pressure to cut ediscovery costs at the same time data volumes are increasing. In-house processing instantly reduces outside spend.

Culling and Review

In-house ediscovery doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision.

Early Case Assessment

With the right balance of technology and processes, Early Case Assessment helps you quickly make decisions about how to proceed.

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Internal Investigations

Internal investigations can be daunting for any legal team. The matters are often highly sensitive, time is critical, and there is no room for error.

Information Requests

When that formal third-party information or regulatory request comes in, you need to be prepared to respond quickly and defensibly.

The ​ZDiscovery ​Solution

ZDiscovery has you covered! Designed for the unique demands of corporate legal departments, our software helps you save money, save time, and reduce risks across the ediscovery process.

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Initiate legal holds, manage custodian compliance, and preserve in place

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Click to collect data directly from Microsoft Office 365® and other sources

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Quickly process thousands of file types with the power of Nuix

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Easily bring more review in-house to reduce legal spend and gain faster insights

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