Reduce Spend by Bringing More Ediscovery Document Review In-House

In-house ediscovery doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision.

Easily conduct in-house review or simply reduce data volumes when outside review is necessary

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Outsourced document review is expensive

The cost associated with outside review will only increase as data volumes and complexity continue to grow.

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Many review tools are overly-complex for the needs of corporate legal

To bring more ediscovery in-house, legal teams need easy-to-use review software that empowers the entire team, regardless of technical acumen.

Reduce review costs by 50% or more with Digital Discovery Pro.

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Quickly find relevant information

Confidently manage document review for routine matters like internal investigations, subpoena responses, and early case assessment with targeted keyword searches, filters, and search term hit reports.

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Reduce data volumes

Use powerful and intuitive search and culling filters to reduce datasets prior to in-house review or drive significant cost-savings by sending out less data.

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Easily collaborate with outside counsel

Create and store properly-formatted exports and productions securely for easy access by approved third-parties, and grant access for relevant data only.

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We were able to reduce the volume of data sent out in a recent case by 500 GB, saving over $30,000.
— Associate Corporate Counsel, Fortune 500 telecommunications company

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