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Zapproved’s easy-to-use software empowers you to bring more ediscovery in-house.

The ZDiscovery platform unites our industry-leading intuitive legal hold management with our powerful processing and review engine to enable corporate legal teams to manage ediscovery more efficiently, cost-effectively, and confidently – but with the built-in flexibility to bring in outside counsel for high risk and highly complex cases.

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Initiate legal holds, manage custodian compliance, and preserve in place

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Click to collect data directly from Microsoft Office 365® and other sources

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Quickly process thousands of file types with the power of Nuix

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Easily bring more review in-house to reduce legal spend and gain faster insights

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Trusted by hundreds of Fortune-500 companies

Designed specifically for corporate counsel, our enterprise-class software is backed by ironclad security and unrivaled support. ZDiscovery is used by more corporate legal teams than any other. Period.

Five Stars Review

Easy to use, very user-friendly

[ZDiscovery] is clean and easy to use, very user-friendly. It keeps track of and allows reporting on numerous different aspects of the ediscovery. Many of our employees have had a difficult time with other products that appear “messy,” but ZDiscovery is a simpler approach that is easier for many to understand and use.

— Andrea J., Paralegal, Banking

Five Stars Review

The initial business problem we needed to solve was automation and standardization of legal hold and preservation notices. Having an audit trail of acknowledgment of the legal hold has been very beneficial. Our experience with Zapproved has been very positive from the software solution as well as the people at Zapproved. Very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and responsive to requests for training, assistance, and very good at listening and implementing suggestions from their user community.

— Steve C., Director, Hospital & Health Care

Five Stars Review

The reporting options are amazing

There are times I need to find legal holds that relate to each other, or have the same custodians, or how many holds are under one custodian’s name, and [ZDiscovery] can do this. The reporting options are amazing. I really feel this is the key to the software. The fact that I can pull a hold report personalized to me with extreme detail showing all custodians, issue date, etc. is so helpful in a sanity check for me. This helps me to stay in-check with all my legal holds.

— Shelley G., Litigation Legal Analyst, Telecommunications

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