Improved Custodian Interviews with Legal Hold Pro Help Corporate Legal Teams Learn More

In today’s world of dispersed corporate data, leveraging custodians to help inform where data is stored and additional custodians that should be added can be tremendously beneficial when sending out legal hold notifications. Legal Hold Pro allows administrators to require answers to specific questions.  Additionally, it supports a variety of question types that require a certain format (e.g., Email, number, date, file path) so that your data is easy to use.

New Custodian Interview template

“We’ve included this functionality in Legal Hold Pro because it allows legal hold administrators to get much more detailed information from custodians when sending out custodian interviews,” said Katy Boyles,product manager for Legal Hold Pro . “Since they can require the answer to match a certain format, they get more accurate and useful info.”

The ability to require questions makes it much easier for corporate legal teams to highlight the questions that are the most important and ensure that custodians are providing this crucial information upon acknowledgement of the legal hold notification.

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