New on JD Supra: Knowing When to Partner, Buy, or Build to Solve E-Discovery

Learn how to choose the best approach for managing your business’s ediscovery needs

Are you struggling to manage your business’s ediscovery? Overwhelmed by the sea of options and wondering where you should start? Don’t get bogged down trying to compare this vendor with that in-house software platform. Help is on the way!

This week on JD Supra, Aaron Laliberte, Zapproved’s Vice President of Product, breaks down the three main approaches to managing ediscovery. He’ll help you narrow down the field by first deciding whether you should partner with a third party, buy a pre-existing cloud-based software package, or build your own custom solution.

There’s no one right answer that suits every business in every situation, but there are definitely pros and cons to each approach. This article will help you understand and minimize your risks, control and predict the up-front and ongoing costs, and work within your ediscovery capability. Make sure your business chooses the approach that allows you to defensibly and competently manage your litigation response — while also staying focused on your core competency and your bottom line.

Aaron explains when and why a business might choose to work with a partner, buy an off-the-rack software solution, or design its own custom platform. He then discusses ways you might combine these three approaches to suit your unique business needs, depending on your ediscovery process maturity, budget, and data sources.