Zapproved Launches the “Know Now” Ediscovery Challenge

Corporate Legal Teams Can Go Online to Experience for Themselves the Power of Cloud Computing and the ROI That Can Be Achieved With Instant Access to Discovery Data

Know Now E-Discovery Challenge

“Know Now” – Instant access to discovery data for earlier insights.

Today we introduced the “Know Now” Ediscovery Challenge microsite to demonstrate the power and value that corporate legal departments can experience when they have instant access to discovery data.

“How fast can you take a case from zero to understanding, and what does that mean to your bottom line? These are the questions that we want corporate counsel to ponder when they reflect on their current processes and the control they have over them,” said Brad Harris, VP of Products, Zapproved. “Corporations are looking at fivefold data growth between now and 2020, and they need a better way to stem the skyrocketing legal costs and to gain control over their processes for better overall discovery management.”

The “Know Now” Ediscovery Challenge microsite gives corporate legal professionals a hands-on demonstration of the power of cloud computing and its crucial role in helping organizations derive more value from technology investments. The lightning-fast processing power demonstrated on the “Know Now” microsite is achieved through true-SaaS (true cloud) software, and offers the following four benefits: instant access to discovery data, complete control over the process, future-proofing discovery software and predictable affordability.

As part of the “Know Now” Ediscovery Challenge, individuals will be able to:

  • Experience the ease with which they can now handle ediscovery processing by simply dragging and dropping a data set in for processing, an example of one of many ways data can be ingested.
  • Witness the speed with which data is processed and how it is instantly ready to review and tag for privilege and responsiveness — unlocking instant access to case data insights early in the litigation cycle.
  • Compare the cost and time required when using current processing methods against the dramatic efficiencies of cloud computing to instantly calculate potential gains in ediscovery ROI.

Visit the “Know Now” Ediscovery Challenge microsite and determine your processing ROI by going to or visit Zapproved for a demo at Legaltech New York on February 2-4, Booth 1400.