Why We Started CorporateEdiscovery.com

10 years ago there was little disagreement on how corporations would handle ediscovery — it would be outsourced to law firms as an accepted cost of doing business. At the time digital tools increased efficiency with electronic data but didn’t fundamentally alter the legal process. Then came the Cloud.

With the rise of Cloud capabilities, the possibility of having in-house legal departments handle ediscovery started to make sense logistically and financially.

Seven years ago software pioneer Zapproved deviated from the standard blog content marketing approach by creating PREX, an ediscovery conference for corporate legal and IT teams. PREX was built as a product-agnostic gathering focused on thought leadership, networking and innovation. Since then PREX has grown year after year, gaining a valued reputation amongst the peers and influencers of our industry.

Since the original PREX conference, more and more companies have recognized the value of moving their ediscovery in-house. Solving the varied challenges of ediscovery is an ongoing process, so, with that in mind, we’re attempting an experiment in the vein of PREX. Whereas with PREX we pack a wealth of content, discussion and tutelage into a few days each year, this site was created specifically to be a ‘PREX 365’ — a place where the conversations and thought leadership that drive ediscovery practice can flourish 365 days a year.

CorporateEdiscovery.com is devoted to ideas, the ones that find solutions to daily challenges and the ones that create new blueprints for how businesses can function. There will be a myriad of experienced industry voices reflected as we grow. This site will contain news, expert columnists, diverse features, job listings and an expansive resource library full of case studies, whitepapers, guides and educational information. Ultimately our goal is to create a dedicated ‘go to’ source for all corporate professionals whose jobs involve ediscovery.

We’re launching with an ediscovery-focused deep dive into one of the main topics of 2018 — the General Data Protection Regulation. The Honorable Ron Hedges offers his perspective on the 2018 trends that will most significantly impact ediscovery. We also have an exploration of how corporations and law firms differ when it comes to electronic discovery, a piece on how to approach job security in the technology age, and a nine session guide to the upcoming Legaltech NY, amongst other offerings. In February we’ll be releasing a detailed guide for businesses that are considering moving their ediscovery in-house.

It will take time to grow but the culmination of a ‘PREX 365’ resource will be an evolving resource for the corporate lawyers, IT professionals and business leaders in the U.S. To help fulfill our vision, we welcome contributors. If you have a perspective to offer, or existing content to share, please reach out to us by emailing editorial@corporateediscovery.com.

We look forward to your feedback.

The Corporate Ediscovery team