PREX15 Welcomes Keynote Steve Watson of Intel

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It’s an understatement to say that technology is rapidly changing our world. When you think of the revolutionary applications and technology that businesses of today rely on, take stock that most of it is less than a decade old. Technologies such as the cloud and mobile applications are powering business growth, but they are also creating complications for companies trying to manage the risk associated with the data.

At PREX15, The Fourth Annual Conference on Preservation Excellence, we will once again welcome a compendium of ediscovery superstars and leading jurists. Each year we meld insights from the various perspectives to get insights into finely honed best practices but also to explore new trends on the horizon. This year we are extremely excited to welcome as keynote, ediscovery futurist Steve Watson of Intel.

A veteran ediscovery technologist, Steve’s career spans technology environments from start-ups to his role today supporting large-scale litigation as the eDiscovery Architect at Intel. His current PhD research at Glasgow Caledonian University on digital forensics and new and emerging technologies caught the eye of the US government. Steve was invited to lead a NIST group on mobile device forensics, and also serves as a member of the US Scientific Workgroup for Digital Evidence. Come hear this provocative voice on what is coming your way in soon in digital discovery.

In his keynote, Watson will paint a picture of our digital future by exploring the rapidly advancing technologies. He will make you aware of current data sources, and the complexities associated with their preservation and collection that you may not have even heard about yet. This front line ediscovery technologist will offer practical advice for dealing with these dilemmas. Steve will also look ahead to the future and explore litigation and discovery implications of emerging technologies and potential ESI sources that will challenge our traditional notions of ediscovery. He guarantees to increase your awareness of the technologies that are on the horizon and the thorny ediscovery challenges they will pose. Steve will also offer guidance on handling co-mingled data, data encryption, and privacy issues related information. Don’t miss this talk that will help prepare you for the future.