Zapproved Picks Up the Pace of Innovation

image for the blog post on Zapproved's pace of innovation, which is enabling rapid response to improve defensible corporate litigation response workflows
Zapproved’s pace of innovation is enabling rapid response to improve defensible corporate litigation response workflows

How accelerating innovation with modern, cloud-native architecture is making corporate ediscovery smart

These days, many organizations have latched onto the term “innovation” to portray their approach to cutting-edge, creative problem solving. While some companies certainly do deliver innovative solutions to business challenges, at Zapproved we’re more focused on advancing the pace of innovation — because innovation by itself is our ground zero.

As an industry-leading corporate litigation response software provider, innovation happens the moment we walk in the door each morning. That’s probably true for many technology disruptors, since driving progress demands a regular influx of inventive ideas to overcome obstacles and build progress. At Zapproved, however, we take that a step further. By using modern cloud-native architecture, we can continuously innovate and issue rapid, rolling releases every 2-3 weeks — a pace unmatched by others in our industry. In fact, most on-premise software architectures update only once or twice a year, often combined with a public marketing campaign.

Our team’s expertise in the AWS Cloud architecture, along with our customized software, makes these regular releases possible. The agile, intelligent applications we access through AWS enable Zapproved to build and deploy updates automatically, in a trusted, secure environment. Because of this flexibility, we meet our strategic goal of delivering smart corporate ediscovery solutions to customers in real-time.

Innovating in response to user feedback, combined with a passion to advance our industry, is the secret sauce behind Zapproved’s high velocity innovation. That’s just one of the ways we keep customers ridiculously happy — and why our customer retention rate stays near 100% — year after year.

Here are a few more of the benefits we’re seeing by advancing the pace of innovation through the cloud:

  • Best-in-class security – World-class security and data privacy is the default. Processes and policies encompass physical, network, application and data-level security, as well as full backup and disaster recovery.
  • Scalability and high-performance – Zapproved allows for near limitless computing processing and storage, which expands and contracts instantly based on customer demand. This delivers peace of mind knowing that the application will be there and satisfy whatever needs arise.
  • Rapid updates – Unlike on-premise solutions that are only updated on a periodic basis, Zapproved releases new features and enhancements monthly while remaining stable and secure in production.
  • Enhanced value – Customers get immediate access to new features and enhancements at no additional cost and without the headache of upgrading to a new version.
  • Ease of use – Users enjoy a higher quality software, as bugs or usability issues can be fixed within days or weeks.
  • Security – Zapproved can act immediately to fix potential security vulnerabilities.

Questions about Zapproved’s innovative cloud-native software? We’re here to help you unlock ediscovery mastery.

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