Why You Need An Ediscovery Professional In-House

Learn why you need a dedicated ediscovery professional on staff — even if you only do limited in-house litigation response.

In his new article on JD Supra, Brad Harris, Zapproved’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy, explains how the right staff, combined with the right technology, is the recipe for a winning in-house litigation response process. Of course, we know that ediscovery technology is important — it’s what empowers corporations to move their litigation response processes in house to improve efficiencies.

As data volumes continue to explode, so does the need to control the rising costs — and security vulnerabilities — of managing data that must be preserved, collected and reviewed. And, with ever-increasing security threats, businesses are constantly on guard against hackers and other security breaches.

While moving in house was a poor option when litigation response technology was expensive, poorly integrated and difficult to use — that’s all changed. Today, recent improvements in software, particularly cloud-based solutions, have made the switch to in-house ediscovery both secure and affordable. Yet defensible, high-quality ediscovery isn’t just about the tools you use; it’s also about the people wielding those tools.

Even with intuitive and easy-to-access technology, there’s more to ediscovery than preserving, collecting and reviewing data in each individual matter. There’s an urgent need for corporations to develop and maintain defensible strategies and institutional knowledge that can carry over from one case to the next.

This is where having the right people makes all the difference. In this article, Brad explains why you need at least one dedicated ediscovery professional on staff, even if you only do a limited part of ediscovery response in house. The article breaks down the three key benefits you can gain by having an experienced, knowledgeable ediscovery pro on your team.