Announcing the Three Archetypes of Corporate Ediscovery

Learn from Achievers, Strugglers and Idlers to elevate your ediscovery success

Image for The Three Archetypes of Corporate E-Discovery report about the attitude shaping e-discovery success
The Three Archetypes of Corporate E-Discovery

The data is clear: there is a widening gap between corporate legal teams that have conquered their ediscovery challenges and those still struggling to do so, or simply haven’t prioritized it.

In a recent study with corporate legal professionals three distinct types of ediscovery professionals, based on their attitudes, emerged: heroic Achievers, reactive Strugglers and disinterested Idlers. The Three Archetypes of Corporate E-Discovery report sheds light on the attitudes held by those groups — and how their beliefs are influencing ediscovery decisions, processes and priorities.

Amid this environment are the inescapable pressures nearly every legal professional faces:

  • Responsibly lower costs while managing risk.
  • Provide better visibility and accuracy into litigation timelines and costs.
  • Expand portfolio to manage compliance and regulatory response.
  • Keep up with the rapidly evolving digital data and ephemeral communications landscape.

By identifying Achievers, Strugglers and Idlers as the three predominant archetypes amongst ediscovery decision makers, we see how each attitude impacts success. Achievers, which represent only 30% of the ediscovery market, believe automation is good for business and report high confidence in defensibility. That leaves 70% of ediscovery professionals struggling or disengaged.