Legal Hold Pro Brings Quick View of Data and Implements New Support Center

Zapproved is pleased to share the updates and enhancements in the latest release of Legal Hold Pro. In addition to general system performance improvements, the following features have been added.

Tooltip across All Pages

Due to overwhelmingly positive customer feedback regarding how the tooltip feature and functionality offers administrators quick visibility to custodian data, we have applied the tooltip icon across all pages in Legal Hold Pro. Your Legal Hold Center, Request Center, and subscriptions on the Reports page have an easy-to-use tooltip that displays custom attributes and tags, as well as other pertinent information. Following are some examples:

LHP Legal Hold Center 09.20.2015
LHP Request Center 09.20.2015
LHP Reports 09.20.2015
Contact Label

Contacts now have a Contact Label. This label will be displayed across the system to standardize how a contact is shown on the various pages in Legal Hold Pro and reports — making it easier to read and sort information the ought the system.

LHP Contact Label 09.20.2015
A New Support Center

A new searchable support center has been implemented! Easily search through resources, articles and frequently asked questions regarding best practices and the finer points of using Legal Hold Pro.

LHP Support Center 09.20.2015
Updated Reports

Reports have been refreshed. Fields are now in a standardized order, use consistent conventions and include the new Contact Label as mentioned above. Some report names have been changed to give better insight to what the report contains.

Search Enhancements

Getting the information you need fast is a benefit that Legal Hold Pro offers your team. We are pleased to introduce default and advanced search to Legal Hold Pro. This new feature allows you to perform negative searches, search across multiple attributes, and more!Searching for attributes is straightforward using a search bar dropdown menu.

LHP Contacts Search Enhancements 09.20.2015

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