Glide Through Tracking Legal Holds and Active Custodians

We recognize that sometimes, legal users need to be able to manage a hold as an administrator, while also being a custodian, and that their systems need to accurately show that their data is subject to hold. That’s why we updated our roles, so hold participants can now be both a custodian and hold administrator or viewer on a hold.

Additionally, in response to customer input, we’ve added a new report which combines all custodian contact data on holds and action requests. This enhancement simplifies tracking active custodian contact data and makes it more efficient to determine which custodians are subject to silent holds. Litigation support teams who use action requests for silent holds can use this single report to show a list of regular custodians on holds and silent custodians on action requests. Once this report is generated it may be used in conjunction with other enterprise systems, (such as HR systems) to set flags for action — reducing the risk of inadvertent spoliation.

Zapproved Legal Hold Pro View Legal Hold
Updated View pages for holds, action requests, and contacts consolidates
actions and ensures the focus of the page is on your data.

Finally, we released user experience changes on pages throughout the system. These changes ensure the most frequently used options are easy to find and standardized across the system, tables are labeled clearly for user navigation ease, and spacing is used wisely, ensuring customers have more space devoted to seeing their data.

Legal Hold Pro Legal Hold Center
Updated Legal Hold Center shows data in a fresh, clean manner with new headers.

Questions? We’re here to help you unlock ediscovery mastery.

Questions? We’re here to help you unlock ediscovery mastery.

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