7 Steps to Choosing Litigation Response Software

Ready to bring ediscovery in house?

Use these seven steps to select the litigation response software that’s right for you.

Today’s technological advances make in-house ediscovery easier to access than ever before. But still, some companies are falling behind, using outdated, inadequate litigation response software because they don’t know what’s available or where to start making a change. Worse, some businesses continue to pay too much to outside counsel or vendors to handle their e-discovery processes. It can start to feel like a Catch-22, where your business falls further behind every year.

The good news is that even users who aren’t comfortable evaluating new technology can upgrade their ediscovery software with confidence. Whether you want to start small, moving a single step like preservation or collection in house, or jump right in to an end-to-end litigation response solution, we can help.

Our seven-step guide lays out a simple, structured approach that can aid any company in selecting an appropriate e-discovery software solution. We’ll show you how to assess your technological needs, research available software options and make the best choice for your business.