Four Reasons Why PREX Stands Out!

PREX15 - Conference on Preservation Excellence

PREX15, The Fourth Annual Conference on Preservation Excellence, will be held September 16th – 18th in beautiful Portland, OR. This legal conference focuses exclusively on improving the legal preservation process.

“PREX keeps me coming back each year because of the vast learning value it offers. The user group meeting prior to the conference is a great opportunity to learn how other users are practically using the systems and processes of Legal Hold Pro that we can bring back and improve our processes.  The conference provides expert opinions and information as well as peer learning regarding how others are addressing problems, issues, timing, and other details affecting preservation”

Anne Elmore, P&C Legal Department, Great American Insurance Group

PREX consistently gets top ratings by attendees. Here are their top reasons why PREX15 is a valuable investment and a must-attend conference:

1. Opportunity to Learn the Best Ways to Overcome Challenges that Will Lower Your Risk

Two days focused on improving the legal preservation process. Thirteen sessions including concurrent tracks for both foundational and advanced learning opportunities. We focus on preservation because we know that is where defensible and sustainable ediscovery practices start.

2. Exposure to the Nation’s Leading Jurists, Lawyers, and In-House Practitioners in Ediscovery

Learn from these experts about how to improve the litigation response process and improve your data preservation and collection process. Past attendees have told us they go back to their office with concrete ideas to implement.

3. Network with Legal Professionals Facing Similar Challenges

Everyone who attends the Conference on Preservation Excellence is here for the same reason – to learn ways to improve the legal preservation process. The conference knows much of the learning can happen over breakfast or lunch – or even with a glass of wine. Meet the speakers, but more importantly, professionals facing the same challenges as you.

It’s powerful to learn from others who have tried a new approach – and they can learn from you too!

4. Return to the Office on Monday Morning with a List of New Ideas

You will be armed with the information you need to make your data preservation process run more smoothly, be more defensible in court, and be easier to implement and track. Additionally, you’ll have the foundation and insights to establish a “culture of compliance” so that management and employees will be “bought in.”

Join our expert speakers and a community of people who embrace improving the litigation data preservation process. We look forward to welcoming you. Please share this invitation with your colleagues – the more people, the more learning.