Ediscovery on a Home Internet Connection

Powerful Processing Now More Critical than Ever

Ediscovery meets home Wi-Fi

Not long ago, most of us were exclusively using our home Wi-Fi networks for binge-watching prestige television shows, making occasional video calls to our out-of-town relatives, or accommodating rare work-from-home days necessitated by the need for appliance installation or signature-required package delivery. Now, many legal professionals find themselves unexpectedly (and perhaps indefinitely) working from home, with little time to prepare for this adjustment. Residential internet connections simply aren’t designed for the strain we’re putting on them, as anyone who’s been on a glitchy video call with their colleagues in the last few weeks can attest.

While a slow connection will annoy anybody who is currently adjusting to the new reality of remote work, it’s especially frustrating for corporate legal professionals. Today’s legal teams are struggling with maxed out home internet bandwidth as everyone’s trying to adjust to online work, school, and virtual happy hours!

Simple strategies for saving bandwidth

  • Reserve large file transfers for off-peak hours, such as late afternoon or early evening, when network demand isn’t quite so high
  • Physically connect your laptop to a modem for better security and less interference from other devices
  • Video conferencing can be a huge drag on your home network – if possible, avoid using the camera during data transfers

Maintaining the ability to process data in-house (now, literally in your house) means legal teams will have one less bill from outside vendors and the ability to start review sooner. By combining some simple strategies to maximize home internet bandwidth with cloud-based software like Digital Discovery Pro powered by Nuix, designed for lightning fast processing, you can continue to process your ediscovery data and move forward on your matters – wherever you find yourself these days.