Do You Have A Tech Savvy Law Department?

Tech Savvy Law Department

There’s a new breed of law department professional taking in-house eDiscovery to the next level – rooting out inefficiencies while managing risk.

What can you do defensibly in the corporation these days before sending the data to your law firm? And what adjustments are needed in preservation strategies to account for new data types like Box, Dropbox, social media, and your very mobile BYOD workforce?

Download and listen to a tech savvy panel explain how the right mix of in-house technology and processes reduces enormous ediscovery costs. In this discussion, you’ll learn more about:

  • How to assess your current ediscovery technology strategy
  • Questions to ask to root out process inefficiency
  • How costs can go down with the right use of technology
  • Why seamless integration is becoming a “must have”
  • How new BYOD data types/sources impact identification and collections
  • Important do’s and don’ts of defensible in-house collection
  • Why metrics matter and how benchmarks can help drive real cost savings
  • Evolving skill sets for the new breed of law department ediscovery professional

Matthew Gasaway, Director and Senior Counsel, AbbVie

Sarah Gasienica, eDiscovery Paralegal, NiSource Inc.

Charisma Starr, Legal IT Manager, Exelon

Carolyn Casey, Esq., Product Marketing Director, Zapproved