Code42’s Michelle Trombetta on CloudPreserve and security in ediscovery

Zapproved and SaaS data backup provider Code42 have partnered for the CloudPreserve for Code42 and Legal Hold Pro product integration, offering enterprise businesses a new data preservation workflow solution providing streamlined data preservation and collection capabilities, the highest possible information security and lower costs.

Code42’s Senior Director of Product Management, Michelle Trombetta, answered our questions about their data security capabilities and what benefits this CloudPreserve product integration offers enterprise customers.

How is Code42 addressing data security concerns for businesses? What are the primary factors you’re focused on?

Code42 provides a single agent for endpoint devices like laptops and desktops that silently and continuously backs up every version of every file every 15 minutes, or more frequently if needed by a business. As security needs have evolved, our customers now want additional insights into the data we protect, such as who is moving the data, where is it moving to, everyone who had possession of a file, and predictive behavioral analysis to understand if intellectual property is under threat. Our unique architecture protects our customers in the event of ransomware scenarios, and also addresses incidents of potential insider threat. We are focused on providing our customers with the fastest ways to bounce back from security breaches and investing in ways to provide them with predictive analytics to detect potential security risks as or even before they happen.

In your perspective, what was the goal behind the integration of Code42’s and Zapproved’s products? How does the integration offer value to each others’ customers?

The Code42 and Zapproved integration allows our customers to benefit from an automated, efficient, and scalable legal hold experience, provided by two industry leaders coming together to provide a joint solution to maximize benefit to our customers. The integration provides our customers the opportunity to streamline their e-discovery process, improving the ability to manage and collect files from the most unpredictable of sources – endpoint devices. The integration helps remove human error from the data governance, preservation and collection process, and speeds up the time legal teams have access to data. Zapproved has always made managing legal holds easy, and with Code42, legal teams will benefit from endpoint data protection and visibility.

Technology is great when it makes businesses more efficient and allows for uninterrupted growth. The problem is we live in times where end user needs often supersede security policies. As a result, there is increased risk of data breaches, leaks, and theft, which means more legal costs. Companies struggle to maintain a balance providing their employees an environment that fosters productivity while ensuring   files and data remain secure.

Why did Code42 decide to pursue this integration with Zapproved specifically?

Other than being a clear leader in the e-discovery space, Zapproved shares the same commitment to data security as Code42. Both companies take security seriously, as demonstrated by our SOC 2 Type 2 certifications. Zapproved also echoes Code42’s commitment to customer satisfaction by providing the highest levels of support and a reliable and easy to use product.

How do you see data security impacting e-discovery over the next few years?

Data management and integrity is crucial in the e-discovery process, making security a top priority to protect against spoliation and ensure defensibility. Without end-to-end data security, files may be lost, corrupt, subject to malware, end up in the wrong hands, or tampered with. Internal and external players could threaten businesses and interfere with litigation by targeting poorly protected data.