3 Reasons Your Ediscovery Solution is Not Ready for the 21st Century

Companies need better ways to manage data for discovery in this hybrid environment.

Author:  Brad Harris, VP of Products, Zapproved, Inc. and David Kilgore, Rackspace

Today, true cloud solutions are becoming the norm in ediscovery. The cloud is presenting corporate legal teams with opportunities that traditional ediscovery solutions don’t have control over. Many traditional ediscovery solutions today don’t have the benefit of predictability, costs to increase storage processors are not cheap, and the complexity of installing and learning how to run these programs are taking away valuable business time and money.

“Companies need better ways to manage data for discovery in this hybrid environment,” Brad Harris of Zapproved, Inc. and David Kilgore of Rackspace explain. The primary factors traditional solutions are having issues with are:

  1. Expense and Lack of Predictability
  2.  Complexity
  3. Obsolete Design: Can’t Scale or Handle New Data Repositories

The true cloud helps solve these problems and more. It can also future-proof your ediscovery investment and give you back your business’ time and money. This solution can give corporate legal teams the flexibility and scalability to shape the unseen challenges that the future may hold.

Check out the entire article originally posted on Legaltech News for how your legal teams can explore their current ediscovery solutions in relation to your teams’ goals before making the switch.


3 Reasons Your E-Discovery Solution is Not Ready for the 21st Century“on Legaltech News.