Error Reporting and Resolution

Zapproved strives to promptly respond to all reported errors associated with our services. Zapproved will correct any Error reported by Customer or otherwise known to Zapproved in accordance with the priority level assigned.

We commit to our customers to provide an initial response acknowledging the report and verifying the error within our “initial response time” objectives. We further commit to use best efforts to resolve the error within the “resolution objective” time frame as listed below. In all cases, Zapproved will provide Customer with periodic reports on the status of the Error and Error Correction.

Customer can report Errors via telephone or email customer support, Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM through 6:00 PM pacific time (“Standard Business Hours”, excluding nationally recognized holidays), and email support at when outside of Standard Business Hours.

Customer must specify the priority level to Zapproved when Customer reports the Error. Zapproved will assume any Error is priority C unless advised otherwise by Customer when Customer reports the Error.

Error TypeError TypeInitial Response TimeResolution Objective
Priority AError that renders the Service, as applicable, inoperative or causes a complete failure of the Service, as applicable.Within fifteen (15) minutes of receiving Customer’s reportWithin one (1) hour (or, if not during Standard Business Hours, four (4) hours) after receiving Customer’s report.
Priority BError that substantially degrades the performance of the Service, as applicable, or materially restricts Customer’s use of the Service (for example, if important features are unavailable with no acceptable work around).Within one (1) hour (or, if not during Standard Business Hours, two (2) hours) of receiving Customer’s reportWithin four (4) hours (or, if not during Standard Business Hours, eight (8) hours) after receiving Customer’s report.
Priority CError that causes only a non-material impact on Customer’s or any user’s use of the Service, as applicable.Within one (1) business day of receiving Customer’s reportWithin three (3) business days after receiving Customer’s report.

“Error” means any failure of the Service (i) to conform with the its documentation or (ii) that otherwise causes an error, defect, or failure, whether full or partial, in the functioning of the Service.

“Error Correction” means a bug fix, patch, or other modification or addition that brings the the Service, as applicable, into conformity with its documentation, or that otherwise fully corrects an Error.


Zapproved uses its best efforts to ensure that the Service is hosted and operated in a secure fashion and is available no less than ninety nine point five percent (99.5%) of a month (based on the average over rolling three-month periods).

Upon learning of any Service interruption, Zapproved shall use its best efforts to bring the Service back on-line as soon as possible. Zapproved will provide Customer with prompt notice of any Service interruption or potential Service interruption, as well as continual periodic updates during any Service interruption regarding Zapproved’s progress in remedying that interruption and the estimated time of which the Service shall be restored to normal, uninterrupted operation.

Zapproved will provide these support services to Customer during their Subscription Term. Zapproved may modify the support services in its discretion, and any changes will apply after posting on the support website; provided, that any changes that adversely and materially diminish support will not take effect until forty-five (45) days following Zapproved posting such changes on the support website.