Zapproved Subprocessors & Subcontractors

Zapproved utilizes certain subprocessors and subcontractors to assist in providing our services. Zapproved takes the security of our customers’ data seriously. We perform due diligence on all of our subprocessors and subcontractors.

What is a subprocessor and a subcontractor?

A subprocessor as a third party engaged by Zapproved to provide a service or processing function that involves customer data. This data may include personal information as defined by law. The specific services or processes are outlined in the list of subprocessors on this page.  Subprocessors engaged by Zapproved providing a material component of the services that Zapproved delivers are also subcontractors.

A subcontractor is a third party engaged by Zapproved to provide a material component of the services Zapproved delivers to its customers. Any subcontractor that has or potentially has access to or processes customer data (which may contain personal information) is also a subprocessor. 

Due diligence

Before engaging with a new subprocessor or subcontractor, Zapproved carefully considers any risks that may be introduced, including security and privacy concerns, to ensure that we only engage with subprocessors and subcontactors that can meet or exceed our own data privacy obligations and expectations. We regularly review each subprocessor and subcontractor throughout the lifetime of the engagement to ensure that they continue to meet or exceed our obligations and expectations.

List of subprocessors

SubprocessorLocationDescription of services provided by the subprocessors
Auth0USUser authentication and SSO
AWSUSData center hosting
JiraUSCustomer support management
PendoUSUsability tracking and analysis (anonymous)
Ping IdentityUSUser authentication and SSO
SalesforceUSContact management and user support
SumoLogicUSLog consolidation and management
ZendeskUSCustomer support management

List of subcontractors

SubcontractorLocationDescription of services provided by the subcontractor
AWSUSData center hosting

Notice of Changes

Zapproved will provide notice of any changes to this list of subprocessors and subcontractors by posting on this page 30 days prior to adding a new subprocessor or subcontractor. If you prefer, Zapproved will also provide 30 days prior notice via email notification to any customer personnel who register (free of charge) here: