Reduce Ediscovery Costs with In-House Processing & Culling

Legal teams are under pressure to cut ediscovery costs while juggling increasing case volumes.

Outsourced data processing is expensive

With rapidly expanding data volumes and external processing fees that can reach $80 per gigabyte, processing costs can escalate quickly.

Legacy systems don’t meet today’s challenges

First generation systems like Clearwell and IBM Atlas are not keeping pace with rapidly changing technology environments.

Digital Discovery Pro significantly reduces ediscovery costs by giving you the power to process and cull data in-house.

Slash ediscovery costs by 90%

Easily upload data, then apply intuitive search filters to eliminate files based on date range, document type, custodian, and more.


Cut processing timelines in half

Leverage the power of cloud computing to process data in a fraction of the time compared to legacy applications and outsourced providers.

Enjoy unrivaled customer support

Connect with the brightest minds in ediscovery and get ongoing support, training, and education from our Customer Success team.

We were able to reduce the volume of data sent out in a recent case by 500 GB, saving over $30,000.

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