Nuix + Zapproved: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

Nuix + Zapproved: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

It’s no secret: data volumes are growing exponentially every day. Your colleagues are sending terabytes worth of emails and direct messages, creating and editing hundreds of documents, conducting thousands of web searches, and more. Plus, your organization may be adopting new productivity tools or software programs, creating file types you hadn’t previously encountered. Each of these files becomes a grain of sand on Ediscovery Beach, which can make them feel impossible to sift through. Putting our coastal metaphor aside, we know you’re dealing with more and more data every time you sit down at your desk. Short of cloning yourself, there’s no way to get through it all. UNTIL NOW!

We are proud to announce that our Digital Discovery Pro software is now powered by Nuix, ediscovery’s fastest and most trusted processing engine. This new development is exciting for two key reasons: speed and variety.

With Nuix’s powerful capabilities, your team can process data up to 3x faster, at speeds up to 50 GB per hour. Think about what you can do with all that extra time! You’ll probably process even more data. In addition, this Nuix integration allows Digital Discovery Pro to handle thousands of file types.

These new capabilities may have you wondering if your daily interactions with Digital Discovery Pro will change. Will you have to learn a new interface? Is training required to take full advantage of the new developments? Nope! You can use the software in the exact same way you’ve always used it. We haven’t moved any buttons around or made any other alterations. All of the changes will happen behind the scenes, quietly improving your workflows without interruption.

We’re dedicated to helping you drive down costs, reduce risk, and simply build a better ediscovery process. Digital Discovery Pro, powered by Nuix, is the first of many product enhancements coming in 2020. Stay tuned for more exciting updates throughout the year!

Our partnership with the undisputed leader in data processing means our ediscovery platform will scale to meet the needs of an increasingly complex technology landscape well into the future.

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