From PREX17, learn why, when and how you can defensibly migrate data

Many businesses are migrating their data to the cloud, whether it’s to save on storage costs, update legacy systems or combine resources as part of a company merger or acquisition. However, moving data that is or might be subject to a legal hold can cause a host of ediscovery problems, including data loss or metadata alteration.

This PREX17 session summary, “Migrating Data in a Legally Defensible Manner,” offers answers. It covers data migration in detail, laying out the risks, rewards and potential pitfalls.

Speaker Bill Tolson, Vice President of Marketing for Archive 360, describes exactly what migration is and why moving data can often be advantageous, especially to save on long-term storage costs. See Tolson’s tips about the risks of data loss and alteration during migration, clarifying when businesses should — and shouldn’t — migrate their data. Finally, learn the best practices businesses can use to make the most of their data migration while protecting themselves from spoliation allegations.