We introduced today the new Collections Tracking module in Legal Hold Pro™, the industry’s fastest growing legal hold management software. With Collections Tracking, in-house legal teams will have a powerful tool for directing and overseeing both the preservation and collection of potentially responsive electronically stored information.

Once custodians have been notified of a preservation obligation, the legal team utilizes the Collections Tracking module to initiate a collection request, notify assigned collectors of tasks, and track progress. The system provides real-time intelligence on the status of collection process while creating a detailed audit trail and timeline for increased defensibility.

“Collections Tracking is the perfect complement to our standard-setting litigation hold workflow. Collection activities can be complex to manage, and the Collections Tracking module in Legal Hold Pro offers a powerful way to organize such tasks and track progress in real-time,” said Brad Harris, Zapproved’s Vice President for Legal Products. “This new module ensures the legal team is able to manage the complete workflow associated with data preservation with minimal effort and consistent results.”

A key benefit of Legal Hold Pro’s Collections Tracking is how it serves as platform between the legal and IT departments. The module provides a complete list of tasks for the collectors who are typically in the IT department and responsible for such efforts as collecting data, enabling email archiving, or suspending routine destruction of data.

Legal Hold Pro, recent winner of the 2013 Best of Legal Times Legal Hold Solution, is the fastest growing litigation hold management system in the industry. Organizations are selecting it to replace time-consuming manual legal holds or less sophisticated software tools.

Legal Hold Pro’s Collections Tracking module is now available for customers and more details can be provided upon request. Call 1-888-366-0666 or send an email to info@legalholdpro.com.